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SMX - PLCs (programable controllers) and PLC repair solutions.

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To contact us urgently if your plant /machinery is under breakdown because of Taiwan / Chinese PLC - programmable logic controller failure.

Mobile : 09953586513.

We can usually repair China PLCs within 72 hours and turnaround the repaired Chinese PLC by courier services within 96 (working) hours to Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Kanpur, Chennai, Kolkata, Jullundur, Goraya, Amritsar, Yamunagar, Lucknow, Indore, Chandigarh, Parwanoo, Baddi etc. HONEST, TRANSPARENT, "No Bullshit" PLC services.

SMXplc is a business associate of India's leading PLC manufacturer - BISON Projects OE manufacturers of Programable Logic Controllers for the engineering industry in India since 1985.

The SMXplc division also specialises in component level repairs and retrofits of PLC systems. Till Dec 2009 approx. 2,300 PLC systems have been installed by us in India including replacement of Chinese and Taiwan China PLC systems especially in plastic moulding, plastic processing and shoe / footwear industry.

Urgent Repair of PORCHESON (China) Vertical Plastic Injection Molding Controller / HMI

One of our client calls us, their Vertical Plastic molding machine from China with LCD 320x240 of Chinese Porcheson Controller is blank. We repair the LCD module, only to find PLC is beyond repair because all Output power transistors are fried due to shorting. With no option left, we replace China PLC with BISON PLC. Machine is working again within 48 hours.See the video
Since we repair many Chinese PLCs and controllers, we find that these PLCs are poorly designed and cannot operate in harsh Indian environment. We also find that many Chinese machinery suppliers are fitting obsolete / reconditoned PLCs on their "new" machines, and cheating Indian users.

Porcheson MMI
Chinese PLC screen blank

Porcheson China PLC
Porcheson PLC vertical molding

SMX engineer examines panel
SMX engineers work in dark

Porcheson PLC removed
Chinese PLC removed for repair.

Porcheson LCD after repair
Porcheson LCD after repair

BISON PLC panel retrofit
BISON PLC panel retrofit

BISON Plascon system, open view
BISON Plascon system, open view

BISON MMI character display
BISON MMI character display

BISON Projects, fully indigenous OE Indian PLC manufacturer of programmable logic controllers since 1985

BISON started as manufacturers of low cost plc systems, but nowadays BISON PLCs are import substitute for Mitsubishi plc, Omron plc, Siemens plc, Schneider plc, and Allen Bradley plcs. At SMX plc, we have replaced many Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, Schneider, Allen Bradley and other programmable control systems fitted on automated machinery with BISON logic controls when these manufacturers / dealers indulge in predatory practices whenever their PLCs fail.

SMXplc specialises in Chinese PLC repairs in Plastic Injection Moulding or Shoe /Footwear industries. We have repaired / replaced controllers of Delta, Hi-Tech, Melsec, Jonwai, Koyo, King Steel, Lien Fa, Taiwan Kinki Co (TKC) and many other machineries.

Some PLCs which can usually be repaired by us at component level.

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