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SMX - PLCs (programable controllers) and PLC repair solutions.

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The PLC OE manufacturer or authorised service centre is usually the first place to repair your PLC
If your PLC manufacturer is a service friendly organisation (very rarely encountered) you are better off getting your PLC repaired there. Nowadays PLCs are ultra-compact and use proprietary ICs / ASICs etc. PLC manufacturers also intensively use passwords, mislabelled ICs, time-outs and other devious forms of protection to limit tampering by unauthorised repair personnel.

Warning, repairs by "incompetent" repairers may result in total PLC write-off
PLCs are now a commodity product with slim margins. In this scenario, "out of warranty repairs" are a major profit centre for PLC manufacturers - and they have a well defined protocol in place to fleece clients. This is the reason why almost every problem reported to a PLC manufacturer turns out to be a "major" problem, with allegedly damaged processors / hybrids / ASICs accompanied with software corruption etc. At the same time allowing untrained repair agencies to extract ICs and "copy" software is fraught with danger. If any software (application or system) gets corrupted the chances of successful third-party repair plummet.

My PLC fitted on an imported machine has failed, what should I do ?
This is a very common situation. Very often it is a simple fault which does not imply PLC failure. Redefine your problem to "My PLC controlled machine is not working, what should I do?" and follow these instructions strictly.

Avoid haste and allowing untrained people / electricians to meddle. Your haste may have serious consequences.

Do not allow anyone to disturb the PLC and machine wiring.

Under no circumstances should you allow anyone to open the PLC

Do not allow modules to be tested on / exchanged with working machines

Never allow anyone to take the PLC / Manuals / Circuit schematics away

Contact the Machine manufacturer, PLC manufacturer or a professional PLC repair organisation like "SMXPLC" (in that order)

I bought my PLC 3 year back, now Omron / Siemens / Mitsubishi / Allen Bradley says I should upgrade.
When you buy a branded PLC and it fails you will be trapped between the PLC manufacturer who advises you to upgrade to his "current model" (which is already obsolete in Japan / Germany), or the dealers and systems houses who have a limited number of spare parts in stock (carefully preserved to sell to Government departments). The best option is to locate an independent repair organisations like SMXplc.

I have located a spare part for my defective 10 year old PLC on the internet !
These are almost definitely kabbadi (scrap dealer) parts, There is a high likelihood that the part is from a junk machine or has been repaired. There are also version, compatability and software driver related issues. Electronic modules do not store well, components leak and deteriorate (battery, capacitors, memory IC etc) if not energised. The rule in this business is "buyer beware". In our experience, in about 80% of these cases you lose your money (and valuable production time). It is usually better to replace a 10 year old PLC than to repair it.

Under what circumstances does it make business sense to approach SMXPLC for repairs?
The best situations to call SMXPLC are either when you have "everything to lose" or "nothing to lose". To clarify, "everything to lose" means that you cannot afford to get your PLC damaged / replaced especially if it is a critical machine within warranty. In these circumstances SMXPLC will act primarily in an advisory ("hands-off") capacity to diagnose the actual cause and locus of the fault. This either brings the machine back online or protects the client from being over-charged by the subsequent service provider. SMXPLC has a high rate of success in such cases, especially when we are called in first. This is also a relatively low cost option. In the other situation "nothing to lose", everyone else has failed and SMXPLC is the last hope for "hands on" repair. Despite the adverse odds, SMXPLC still manages a decent sucess rate although at a much higher cost (payable in advance - win or lose).

Prevention is better than cure
Unfortunately, most PLC users have taken no defensive actions to anticipate / control PLC related downtimes. Business is not only about making profit but also about risk managemwent. To assist the few Indian entreprenuers who practice risk management, SMXPLC will gladly visit, assess and advise on how PLC related failure can be controlled with minimum downtime. This valuable service spans all PLC brands - not only SMX's own brands.

What is so unique about SMXPLC for PLC repairs ?
Firstly, SMXPLC is part of an engineering group which also manufactures machinery.
Secondly SMXPLC is part of an engineering group which designs and manufactures PLCs and motion drives
Thirdly, SMXPLC has a component level repair centre, having sophisticated programming and debugging tools
Fourthly SMXPLC does not believe in "hit and trial" methods. We are extremely reluctant to desolder or replace ICs, and believe that good doctors should cause least possible harm while operating.
Fifthly, SMXPLC and its associates have been authorised sales and service agents for reknowned PLC manufacturers like BISON, Messung, Siemens etc at various points in time, and have over 25 years experience in PLCs with professionally qualified personnel.

What is SMXPLC's repair philosophy ?
Be honest with the customer
Do your best and do not cause further damage
Get the client's machine back into production as fast as possible.