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About us

SMXplc is a business associate of India's leading PLC manufacturer - BISON Projects. OE manufacturer of Programmable Logic Controller for the engineering industry in India since 1985.

SMXplc service center also specialises in component level repair. Retrofits of PLC (programmable logic controller) systems.
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PLC-S0804 08-IP & 4-OP
PLC-S1608 16-IP & 8 OP

PLC-S1616 16-IP & 16 OP

PLC-S2820 28-IP & 20 OP

8x Relay 8 Relays @10A/DC
8x AC-SSR 8 AC.SSR @2A
Amplifier 1x, 2x Prop EH Amp

Urgent Repair of PORCHESON (China) Vertical Plastic Injection Molding Controller / HMI [Click images]

Porcheson MMI
Chinese PLC screen blank

Porcheson China PLC
Porcheson PLC vertical molding

SMX engineer examines panel
SMX engineers work in dark

Porcheson PLC removed
Chinese PLC removed for repair.

Client calls us, their LCD 320x240 of Chinese Porcheson Controller is blank. We repair the LCD module, only to find PLC is beyond repair.

Porcheson LCD after repair
Porcheson LCD after repair

BISON PLC panel retrofit
BISON PLC panel retrofit

BISON Plascon system, open view
BISON Plascon system, open view

BISON MMI character display
BISON MMI character display

With no option, we replace China PLC with BISON PLC. Machine is working again within 48 hours.
See the video


A client using BISON PLC systems for many years on their Plastic injection moulding machine approaches us for repair. The PLC of another machine with them is not working - the XMP8 PLC is of another manufacturer Messung Systems. Can we help?
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Systematic repair approach. PLC retrofiting of Plastic Injection Moulding machine. [Click images for story]


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plastic injection moulding machine
Bison PLC working already

Dynamic Enterprises 300T plastic machine
Machine for PLC retrofit

defective Messung Systems HMI
Machine had MESSUNG PLC

Messung Systems MMI
Close-up of Messung MMI

Since we repair many Chinese PLCs and controllers, we find that these PLCs are poorly designed and cannot operate in harsh Indian environment.

remove Messung MMI
We remove blown Messung PLC

BISON SmartLine compatible HMI
Bison SmartLine compatible HMI.

Yuken proportional control valve
Yuken P-Q control valve

power saving by double pump
Power saver by PLC & double pump.

We also find that many Chinese machinery suppliers are fitting obsolete / reconditoned PLCs on their "new" machines, and cheating Indian users.

BISON Projects. Fully indigenous OE Indian PLC manufacturer. Programmable logic controller mfr since 1985

BISON started as PLC manufacturer in India of low cost plc systems. Today BISON PLCs are import substitute for Mitsubishi plc, Omron plc. Siemens plc. Schneider plc and Allen Bradley plcs. At SMX plc, we have replaced many Mitsubishi. Omron. Siemens. Schneider. Allen Bradley and other programmable control systems :.. fitted on automated machinery with a BISON programmable logic controller :.. Usually because manufacturers / dealers use black-mail practices when their PLCs fail.

The first choice for HONEST PLC repairs in India :.. is the SMX PLC Service Center, Delhi.
An UNAUTHORISED service centre for the programmable logic controller which manufacturers don't fix.

Machine being retrofitted with PLC

Operator Panel - Trimline.Jr HMI

Graphic LCD MMI :.. for Plastic Injection Moulding.

HMI (Human Machine interface) compatible with BISON's program logic controller.

SMX manufactures a range of MMI (Man Machine interface) :.. compatible with BISON's programmable logic controller. These HMI operator panels / touch stations range from :.. simple 2 line character LCD versions (as pictured) to TFT graphic touch screen panels.

SMX PLC manufactures Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for BISON devices.
Large character height + bright colour keys = Easy to use by unskilled operator

Bison TrimLine.Jr MMI keypad

Bison TrimLine.Jr HMI LCD display

Dedicated Chinese PLC repair facility in India. For plastic injection moulding machines.

SMXplc has invested heavily and developed automated PLC software tools. These with plc simulator recovers ladder logic, software from PLC systems of foreign (like China / Taiwan) brands :.. greatly assisting plc repair in India. To minimize downtime :.. replace a burnt imported or CHINESE PLC with :.. proven, cheap and far better equivalent Indian programable logic control solution. SMXplc now has component level facility to repair Chinese PLC / CNC for Plastic Injection Molding :.. also SCADA, tiny plc automation and robotics.

SMX PLC is the leader in shoe footwear PLC repair industry.

LinFa, electronic Tien Kang, Lien Fa PLC repair

Lien Fa Rotary PVC machine PLC retrofit package.

compact Bison microPLC saves panel space

SMX zero switching 8 channel AC SSR module installed

Panels / AC + DC Drives, servo-drive packages

SMXplc is a reknowned manufacturer for all types of :.. LT Electrical & Instrumentation Control Panels for industrial & commercial applications.

Specializing in OEM & custom control panel design & manufacturing, PLC/HMI systems integration. Drives, Servo-drives etc. Serving all industries :.. machine tool, water/wastewater, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, die casting, blow moulding etc.

Panel sub-products include :. Distribution Boards, Relay Panels, AC Drive Panels, DC Drive Panels :.. Web Tension Control, Motor Control Centers, Power Control Centers :.. Control Panels, Mimic Panels using PLC programmable logic controls.

SMX also manufactures control panels

SMX integrates AC drive, DC drivea and servo packages

Component level repairs and service of imported PLC systems.

Our skilled service engineers and high tech equipment :.. allows high confidence level of component level repair. Servicing all makes of PLCs, HMIs :.. AC Drives, Dyno Drives, DC Drives, Soft Starter and Motion Control. Component level repair saves customer money :.. and does not require expensive card / module replacement.

The SMXplc PLC Service Centre is capable of quickly meeting deadlines. Additional capabilities include :.. a field service department for programmable logic controller PLC start-up & commissioning services. Site visits on request to Delhi (NCR) Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad :.. also for Amritsar, Kanpur, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Jullundur, Indore, Baddi, Chandigarh, Mohali, etc.

Component level repair of PLC modules

PLC Card repairs with hi-tech equipment

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