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PLC-S0804 08-IP & 4-OP
PLC-S1608 16-IP & 8 OP

PLC-S1616 16-IP & 16 OP

PLC-S2820 28-IP & 20 OP

8x Relay 8 Relays @10A/DC


1x Ampl.1 driver.Prop.valv

2x Ampl.2 driver.Prop.valv


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SMX - PLCs (programable controllers) and PLC repair solutions.

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A client who has been already using SMX /  BISON PLC systems for many years on their Plastic Injection Moulding Machine approaches us. The PLC of another machine of with them is not working, and the machine manufacturer (Dynamic Enterprises) has gone out of business, the PLC is of another manufacturer. Can we help? We refer them  to.their PLC manufacturer Messung Systems (Pune). They are informed that the Messung PLC fitted is too old (10+ years) to be repaired. SMXplc is now  requested to replace Messung Sytems PLC with BISON progrmable logic controls.

Platic Injection Moulding machine already working with BISON PLC

This Dynamic moulding machine is already working for many years with Bison PLC as OEM fitment